Thursday, 1 November 2007


I know this is grabbing at weird celebrity obsession straws here, but if anyone shares my Ask Ro fixation… Yesterday (or maybe the day before) Rosie mentioned Edith Piaf on her blog. Then this happened:

Lucinda writes:

What’s the best movie you have seen this year?

la vie en rose

Ooooh, me too! It was sprawling and messy but cor, what a tragic icon. Marion Cotillard was stunning and I’m a sucker for anything with the line “Marlene” offered as a self-introduction to Dietrich because the actress looked nothing like her…

And that’s your Ask Ro update for today.


Allow me to enter happy teen geek mode. The prospect of a new Joss Whedon series excites me as much as the new My So-Called Life box set (more on that later). Add Eliza Dushku into the mix and I’m sold, especially since Joss is an official Polyester hero.

The new show, currently known as Dollhouse, is kind of complicated and is explained thoroughly in this EW article, but it sounds even better in the words of his leading lady:

“It's this whole mindtrip of objectification. It's going to have sex and heartbreak and violence and hilarity. That, to me, is a hot show."

On an unrelated note, Eliza should totally have played Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl. She’s the spit. Or has this already been done to death on IMDB boards? Am I too 2006 for the second time today? Yeah, well, fuck you. Now that wasn't very nice, was it?


LOADS of people in America dressed up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween, boys and girls alike. Literally hundreds. Probably thousands. Maybe millions. I like the idea of a Winehouse Zombie Army rampaging through America drawing scraggy felt-tip tit-tattoos on their victims...

BrooklynVegan has 90+ pictures here, while Perez has gathered up some that feature the Perez-a-likes too, here.

On that note, anyone got any ideas for a Celebrity Rehab costume for this weekend? Is Mary-Kate too 2006?

Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Frankly, 'Licia, your denials of lady-loving are as tiresome as the trash-mongers who call you a rug-muncher for having no style, but you’re basically taking their side here:

“I was definitely rough around the edges. I look back at certain interviews and I'm like, 'Damn! Did I have to look that hard? Did I have to do my hair that way?'”

She’s an idiot, but, to use the Keys logic, one glance at her wardrobe could have told us that years ago. Much better to take the Mel C approach to lez-be-friend refuting and leave it as a rhetorical question:

“Because I have short hair and am quite muscular with a few tattoos, am I the stereotypical lesbian?”

If you squint at that for long enough, you can sort of see what she means – she can butch up without craving fanny, thank you. And at least she’s avoiding Alicia’s fear of butch (though, with that attitude, how does she explain this?).

In fact, this is all getting boring. To redress the endless denial-cycle balance, Kate Moss would now come out, shave her head, get a rainbow flag tattooed on her face and open an organic café/dungaree emporium. Sorry, was I saying something about stereotypes?


Thursday, 27 September 2007


Courtney Love’s got a new-found penchant for 3000-word MySpace blogs addressing everything from re-touched pap shots to vicious celebrity gossip and just, you know, her general day-to-day life and shit. They’re epic, rambling, occasionally incoherent works of genius. In a world of diluted, inexpert celebrity gossip, where anyone can publish an opinion as fact, her blogs are gospel. When Sharon Osbourne recently accused Courtney of giving Jack drugs, there was no need to wait a week to get a response from “a close friend” in Heat. Here’s Courtney!

sharon knows thats NONSENSICAL but she was too cowardly to pick on Elton who shes apparently vicious about behind his back . Ive never heard this then again we dont... hang . Desperation or someone on a kamikaze mission- ? ..hmmmmm? . and Madge who she must just be scared of-=she just avoided that one. hmmmm. the plot thins. love the kids. Love Kelly love Jack love the dad, hell i even thought her and i were fine but she m ustve been sooooo scared and desperate to pull that one outta her butt, cos its just so insane Thous shalt not bear false witness. ESPECIALLY ABOUT CHILDREN! i Feel sorry for her that she resorted to such abusive lies . I hope she learns a little more about karma. bless. Sorry but,when it comes to kids i just cannot no comment.

Vets don’t get this close to the horse’s mouth. It’s of-the-moment brilliance.

But this outpouring of what Cult Of The Amateur author Andrew Keen calls “mass exhibitionism on an unprecedented scale” has a peculiar side effect: unwanted obsessions with random celebrities. A personal aside: a Courtney Love fixation, however fresh, is to be expected from a former grungekid steeped in hopeless Hole nostalgia. But in the name of flannel shirts and babydoll dresses, I never expected to be saddled with a Rosie O’Donnell addiction.

But Ro, dear Ro, I cannot stop reading about you and yours on the internet.

There’s the magnificent blog, a cryptic splurge of quoted song lyrics, haiku-style advice, tabloid-gossip denials and cultural recommendations. I know that Rosie loves Joni Mitchell and Sharon Osbourne (her again!). I know that she’s spiritual (“ATONEMENT / at one ment / at one with God”). I know that she wasn’t being mean when she turned down Oprah’s interview request (“although fueds seems 2 b all the rage / there isnt one / regardless of what u read / or see on fast food tv”). And I know she’s into Amy Winehouse, because she posted a video of herself singing along to Rehab.

It’s not the blog, however seductive, that makes this a daily staple. There are others out there. Courtney could have stolen her thunder. But then I discovered Ask Ro, her daily Q&A session, the mouth-agape gossip-fodder that positions Rosie as a politician-messiah-martyr-mother deity who will tackle anything, for anyone. See:

For writes:
My mom gave up pills & shrinks & took up religion. Then killed herself after a lifetime of battling mental illness. When a person loses all hope, empathy is key & political stance matters a damn.
love 2 u

And another:

Bridget writes:
Do you ever let the kids go tubing behind your boat? Those are my best memories as a child.
oh yes

And one more:

Lee writes:
Call me stupid…I love the sound of sea gulls.
me 2

Posters don’t just want love and advice. Ro even tackles the hate mail, of which there’s a considerable amount:

Stella writes:
Hey RO,
if you tried more religion, you could give up pills and the shrink, u & millions of selfish libs
oh stella

The withering “oh stella” says it all. In fact, I’m worried about Rosie. I’m worried that she’s sacrificing herself to take on this mammoth communication task. She sounds weary. I might send her an e-hug.

That concern for Rosie O’Donnell’s well-being is now part of my life is a testament to the power of blogs. She’s made her story indispensable for people who didn’t know they cared. And this is the future of celebrity – indiscriminate fascination for endlessly blogging celebrities, constantly raising the bar by revealing more and more about their psyches. It’s why Lindsay Lohan’s barely literate, well-meaning letter about Robert Altman’s demise is much more intriguing than an anonymous report on another DUI arrest. Time will tell, but Rosie O’Donnell could be in the process of reinventing fame. And I’ll be reading about it as it happens.


Wednesday, 26 September 2007


New motto: "A little Whitney, a little Dolly, a little Beth, that's fine."

It sure is fine by us, any time you like, Beth.

What a fine, fine way to end today's day of love.


Hard as it is to believe I’m writing this, Lil Kim has outstayed her welcome, so it’s time for a brand-spanking song of the day to take us through the next few weeks. This isn’t new, as such, but I’ve been listening to it a lot lately – here’s the Thom Yorke-sampling Us Placers, by Kanye, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell.

Over there. On the right. That’s it. Gently does it...


The modern age is bewildering. War rages. Hysteria grows about crime and punishment. The climate’s shot to shit. And there are people who just don’t get Mariah Carey: a woman so ridiculous that she now has an assistant whose sole responsibility is taking care of Mimi's tit tape.

Why is she (Mariah, not the assistant - at least, not just yet) not being offered an honorary damehood, for services to the camp and surreal?

Remember, she needs somebody to hold her beverage while she sips, and rumours abound that she has an employee whose sole task is to change her tampon. I’d do that job, just to put it on my CV. Who cares if it’s not even true? Mariah makes it believable, and for that, she is awesome.

[via Hollywood Rag]


Sarah Silverman reminisces about her abortion glory days, to the soundtrack of Time Of Your Life:

I saw Jesus Is Magic at the weekend. Just to continue today's love-in theme.


There’s all this talk of Marco Pierre White being totally 4 real in the kitchen and everything, but it’s left to one half of Two Fat Ladies to raise the authentic culinary stakes: Clarissa Dickson Wright (um, right - you know, the one that's not dead) is being prosecuted for alleged hare coursing, which has been illegal since the fox-hunting ban.

You don’t get that sort of nonsense from Jamie Oliver. Read more...


Not literally, obv. I must be feeling intergalactic today because every post is about love, love, love. Jennifer Saunders, on my list since childhood thanks to that French & Saunders sketch where they drop half a Tic-Tac and throw shapes to the Home & Away theme tune, is back with a new BBC2 series, The Life And Times Of Vivienne Vyle.

There’s a lengthy interview in today’s Guardian about the show, which is, bizarrely, co-written with House Of Tiny Tearaways’ child-rearing expert Tanya Byron and which spoofs shows like Jeremy Kyle. I’m watching a preview of it tonight so I’ve yet to see if it lives up to its promise, but here’s an excerpt which explains why she’s at the top of my admirational mountain. (Yes, I’ve got one. And what.)

"We wanted it to look like a European art film, but on a low budget. We got a director [Rupert Jones] who had absolutely no experience of shooting TV comedy. The way it looks and the way the character is treated are much more to do with Woody Allen and Pedro Almodóvar than with Absolutely Fabulous."

I think it’s love.

Read the full thing here.



Calling Janice Dickinson “tacky”, Perez Hilton, is like calling Britney a headcase – it’s a lifestyle, yo. She thrives on it.

Here's Janice visiting the site of Gianni Versace’s murder:

If there was a religion centred around her batshit-insanity, with Tyra Banks voodoo dolls and Everything About Me Is Fake… And I’m Perfect as its holy text, I’d be out on the streets canvassing like a Scientologist. She is God.


Get ur nacho on: Missy, oh so quiet of late, has been busy eating crisps for cash.

Watch the video at the wonderful Jezebel, who are going up in my already high estimation because they post about everything. Missy. does. Loves it.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


...because there may be changes afoot, because for a whole host of reasons this isn't working like I want it to. In the meantime, the Gossip just posted this on their MySpace bulletins - Standing In The Way Of Control being performed on Australian Idol. It's a strange old world.

They say it's a "total embarrassment". I say it's kind of awesome. Tomatoes, tomatoes.


Monday, 10 September 2007


So Song Of The Day isn't always going to be a new band. Today it is L'il Kim, because I've been listening to her all weekend, and because she's so ridiculously too much, and because this picture looks nice on the homepage.

And since you clicked through and I can't turn that fucking feature off, have some L'il Kim facts: she's 4' 11"! Her middle name is Denise! Paris is a pussy - Kimberly Denise got a 366-day sentence for perjury!


You know that famous Guerrilla Girls campaign around the Oscars back in 2002? The one about the US Senate being more progressive than Hollywood, because just 4% of directors are female? Adjust the figures: someone defected. Larry Wachowski, of the Matrix-making Wachowski Brothers, recently completed the transition from male to female, and, intriguingly, will be talking to the press about becoming Lana.

Given that even Jodie Foster won’t talk about being gay, or even being outed (she gave a juicy quote to Entertainment Weekly on that magazine cover… oh, hold on, she said “no comment”. Yawn), this sounds pretty cool.

Except that now, the people behind the Wachowskis’ new movie Speed Racer are denying the whole sex change thing. There’s a probing piece about it on Cinematical, which pretty much implies that Speed Racer bosses want to avoid “negative publicity” around the film. The site earlier reported that Lana would not be allowed to handle the movie’s publicity, for fear of alienating an audience.

Excuse the righteousness, but every time something about trannys, homos, dykes, queers, lezzos, poofs or fags crops up in Hollywood, it reverts right back to the silent era. Because that sort of thing doesn’t exist in the entertainment business. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Props to the extreme ridiculousness of German talk show host Eva Herman, who showed extreme awareness of her nation’s politically-sensitive history by expressing admiration for Nazi “values like the family, children and motherhood...

And killing Jews and gays. Cooooool.”

OK, I embellished. She still got sacked, though.



Yet another reason to girl-crush on Sarah Silverman… as we needed yet another reason.

Look out for the bit where she turns her face into a vagina.


Remember us posting about the French author Mazarine Pingeot, who wrote a novel with more than a passing resemblance to an open case? Distasteful, perhaps, but Pingeot just isn’t going far enough to shock.

Polish pulp writer Krystian Bala, on the other hand, has just been sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in the abduction, torture and murder of his wife’s alleged lover, which he then recounted in suspiciously perfect detail in his next thriller. Like, duh.

Still, if it’s good enough for OJ Simpson…


Thursday, 6 September 2007


Everyone (OK, literally me and one other person on googlechat today) talks about Marc Jacobs’ boyfriend Jason Preston having his boo's logo tattooed on his forearm. Kind of weird. Kind of funny. Imagine if he shacked up with the head of Asda.

But Jase clearly has tat taste, because he’s just got a giant ‘Mariah’ inked across his tum – in honour of Mimi, obv:

“I grew up loving her, and now that I know her, I love her even more. I know I'll never regret it, so that's why I got it.”

Girl is fierce.

[via Jezebel, image via Perez Hilton]

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Amy Winehouse not only impressed the industry-packed audience at the Mercury Music Prize last night, she used the down-time of the interval to cure AIDS, cancer and the common cold.

Pope Benedict XVI joined the clamour of praise for the singer today by offering Winehouse a beatitude, adding: “If she can prove she’s performed a miracle (other than turning up for a gig) we’ll waive the whole ‘death’ part and promote her straight to Saint.”



Q: How happy is James?

A: Very happy!


Two funny things involving the word ‘labia’:

1. If you go to Rome on the train, you get off in a coach station and there’s a bus going to Labia. It’s written in big on the front.

2. My lip balm has got ‘labial’ down the side, presumably for those non-English speaking European Spanish types. I find it amusing. I’m puerile and proud.

Something less funny: ‘labiaplasty’. Cosmetic surgery on lady-parts has increased over 400 per cent in the US over the past 10 years, and doctors are concerned at the lack of safety procedures in place. Meaning you could end up with a minnie less attractive than Wino’s track marks.

But better still is Newsweek’s headline: ‘Be careful down there’. As if you could accidentally slice off bits of, um, your bits.

You know America has that ‘Got milk?’ poster campaign? Get female celebs to pose, legs akimbo, with the slogan: 'Filles, stop fiddling with your fannies!'

You can have that one for free.

[via Consumerist]


And why are John et Jehn our Song Of The Day?

Because they are a bit French.

And that is a motto for every walk of life.

Thursday, 30 August 2007


As promised in penance yesterday, Yo Majesty are today’s Song Of The Day.

They are amazing because they are dykedelic butch Black devout Christians who like to flash their boobies. It’s a thing.

And they sound pretty hot – pre-gangsta-rap electro hip-hop with hooks galore.

Kele from Bloc Party was wearing their T-shirt at Reading last weekend.

They say stuff like this in interviews:

“In San Francisco a girl got on stage and started humping Jwl. She was aiight. But we kept playin’. Jwl started humping her back. The show must go on.”

They’re coming to the UK in October for another tour.



Shocka #1: Mother Teresa was not down with The Almighty.

Shocka #2: Mama T invented emo in 1956:

"Such deep longing for God and ... repulsed empty no faith no love no zeal ... Heaven means nothing pray for me please that I keep smiling at Him in spite of everything."

She is so going to guest on the new Fall Out Boy album.


Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Nnnghgh: Katie Holmes is in talks to star in the Wonder Woman movie. Why is this so irritating? I’m not one for hating on a sister, but she’s kind of on my list. She’s a sponge of a woman, absorbing those around her until she has no identity of her own and then stepping back into meek silence when it’s brought into question. Or she could just be dignified and content. Whatever. I’m picking a side.

This much-mooted big-screen WW will be a huge disappointment if 'Kate Cruise' takes the lead, because it’s hard to see her as anything other than a simpering accessory. But it’ll probably be a huge disappointment even if she doesn’t get it, since Joss Whedon is no longer on board (he left citing the old “creative differences”).

And his leaving the project is a tragedy of modern movies. Seriously. Joss Whedon’s a smart Hollywood player who’ll actually speak up against things he disagrees with. I remembered a post he made to his fansite Whedonesque back in May, an eloquent post about violence against women. It made me do a swoon. Among the highlights:

I watched the trailer for Captivity… Pretty much all you learn is that Elisha Cuthbert is beautiful, then kidnapped, inventively, repeatedly and horrifically tortured, and that the first thing she screams is “I’m sorry”… Women’s inferiority – in fact, their malevolence – is as ingrained in American popular culture as it is anywhere they’re sporting burkhas. I find it in movies, I hear it in the jokes of colleagues, I see it plastered on billboards, and not just the ones for horror movies. Women are weak. Women are manipulative. Women are somehow morally unfinished… [more]

After licking the screen with love, I went back further to a speech Joss gave in 2006 to Equality Now, who recognised his awesomeness with an award. And Meryl Streep only bloody introduces and lauds him. Permanent life motto: if it’s good enough for Meryl, it’s good enough for us. And it's well worth the 10 minutes or so it takes to watch:

This is all a very, very long way of saying that I wouldn’t like Katie Holmes to be Wonder Woman, if that’s alright, thanks. Rebecca


The Famous Five series is being “reimagined” as an adult drama with the crime-busting posh kids all entering middle age.

So a bit like that This Life +10 then, except it’s probably better, because, well, it was the worst programme ever made, ever, in the history of TV, ever.

One thing – George, she of boyish persuasions, had better be banging the beaver drum. She was such a lez.



By we, I mean I. And by holiday, I mean festival fun and then sitting at home watching TV. I really should get the hang of this "I'm not going to be posting" thing before going away, instead of afterwards...

Have this to make up for it...

It's a picture of Yo Majesty! And a sneak preview of what tomorrow's Song Of The Day will be (ie them). Woo!


Thursday, 23 August 2007


We at Polyester love a good airbrush. Three cheers for J-Lo bleached into oblivion; a big hoop-lah for a skeletal Teri Hatcher. If we wanted to see them in the flesh, we'd bloody well stalk them.

So we happily applaud Nicolas Sarkozy, who appears to have had his holiday love handles brushed out by French mag Paris Match. But considering Sarkozy is good mates with Match's owner (and, in the past, he's had an editor fired for revealing his wife Cecilia's affair) we can assume it's all been done in collusion. Which is fine by us...

It's not that Sarkozy looks better a little more toned; body image is so last year. It's that he's got the power to change how he looks on a day-to-day basis: like Mystique from X-Men, but without the blue skin and the uncomfortable fag-hag relationship with Ian McKellen. If you could get touched up digitally, wouldn't you nab the chance? And before you go claiming reality, pictures are real. Nowadays, no-one sees each other in the flesh anymore: mere mortals poke on Facebook, stars communicate via blogs and OK!. A touched-up photo is just as good as plastic surgery and it’s significantly cheaper.

Sarkozy points us to the future. One day we'll all be changing how we look from one day to the next, with none of the hair-colour problems which beset poor Esther Rantzen. Amen. Louis


On the Polyester playlist this fine morning:

Late Of The Pier - Bathroom Gurgle

As usual, it is over there.

And here is the artwork.

And here is their website.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007


This recent Paris Hilton pap shot - is she auditioning for the lead in Mommie Dearest 2?

Let's take a closer look:

[via x17]



What do you buy the prostitute with everything? A pair of sat-nav safety wedges, of course. The Aphrodite Project has built a prototype shoe that’s a safety device, an advertising tool and a killer pair of heels.

The ‘Platform 001’ comes with noble intentions. The heels hide a multitude of handy features like an alarm wired straight to local police, a hidden compartment for money and keys, a screen that links to a ‘problem client blog’ and even a fully-functional GPS system.

But our favourite feature is the built-in screen’s secondary purpose: ‘promotion’. There’s a demonstration of how you can upload a nice video of flowers and statues, along with your phone number, so you can advertise your services while simultaneously engaging in them. Not sure exactly how that works, unless you’re hanging your feet out of a car window…

OK, OK, so it’s a “social sculpture”, and is making a point rather than touting itself as a viable product. But still, wouldn’t this be brilliant on Dragons’ Den? Rebecca

[The Aphrodite Project, via ShinyShiny]


Our song of the day is...

Nirvana - Been A Son

As this post title cunningly suggests, we're posting a different song we like every day. You'll be able to stream it in the cassette over there on the right. Retro!



From Reuters:

“The illegitimate daughter of late President Francois Mitterrand is raising eyebrows in France with a novel that some accuse her of basing on a gruesome real-life case of child murder…”

Stories like that: yet another reason j’adore la France.

[via Yahoo]


News trickles in of a planned 50 Cent diet product range (“Hey ladies, wanna look like a hulking beefcake of shot-up flesh and muscle?”), to add to his imminent “Formula 50 Glacéau Vitaminwater”. But, like much of Fiddy’s output, product endorsement has been done before, and better.

I give you… Snoop’s Dogg Pets.

The black Dogg-Father hoodie:

The polyester/cotton-blend T-shirt:

And the boom-box dog toy with sound chip:

A word of advice for G-Unit – stop ballsing about with beverages and get into animal clothing. Rebecca

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


You’ve got to admire a piece about kids’ clothing that declares “baby goes Bauhaus” with a poker-face. Good old Vogue’s Most Wanted Of The Week is onto the little ones and they want you to splash a lot of cash. It’s just so hard to know whether to choose between the £300 cashmere blanket...

...or the £400 embroidery of baby's most favouritest drawing.



Ultimate televangelist Tammy Faye Messner’s recent passing must have put a dent in the world’s mascara market (if only from the drop-off in her purchases alone). Luckily, the woman and her slap have been commemorated in the form of the Tammy Faye eyelash necklace – containing real human hair.

Is it wrong to desperately want one?

[CoolHunting, via Jezebel


She probably covered up the “I’d rather” and “than wear fur” parts and walked around the city rounding up men.

[via Perez Hilton]


Monday, 20 August 2007


Being in the right place and time for other people’s misfortune often pays dividends. Last Friday night (17/8/07), I ended up with two places on the John Waters Masterclass at the NFT in London. How pleasing that the original ticket-holders had injuries/troubles/problems too severe to leave the house etc.

The wisdom of John Waters knows no bounds.

I should’ve smuggled in a tape recorder or at the very least a pencil, but I was too busy sitting stock-still with a grin plastered on my stupefied face to think of it. I couldn’t move through sheer happiness, and despite seeming like the most important words ever uttered, well, I forgot a lot of what was said. But here’s what stuck in my mind.

Myra Hindley
“I swear the only reason she got as long as she did was because she didn’t get her roots done. She’d be out by now if she’d had her hair fixed.”

Lindsay Lohan
John said Lindsay should have gone to acting rehab, for the magnificently awful I Know Who Killed Me. He claimed that the latest breed of ‘troubled’ starlets don’t interest him because they haven’t done anything worthy of the attention. He prefers the likes of his own stars, such as Patty Hearst and Traci Lords. Paris/Lindsay/Nicole/Britney - you're nothing without armed robbery/underage porn to your name.

John said he wanted to cover a new sexual practice in every movie, and explained that he was still discovering fetishes. The gay bar in Pecker, for example, recently started allowing its go-go boys to dance with erections – hence teabagging turned into helicoptering.

…and blossoming
But that’s nothing next to blossoming – the fetishisation of anal prolapses. Pictures are swapped online, and men compete for the biggest ‘blossom’. Ouch.

Of course Baltimore took up a lot of the evening, but one anecdote stands out. John recalled talking to a man in a bar, and after a while he asked him what he did. “You want me to tell you?” asked the man. “Yes,” said John. “I swap deer meat for crack,” replied his companion.

The future of Hairspray
JW was very tactful on the new Hairspray movie, and praised everything from casting to execution. He also explained how schools are starting to perform the musical, and it pleases him because it means the fat girl and the boy who drags up are getting the lead roles. He went on to talk about how his mother told him about a local school production, “and it was an all-retarded school. I’d really love to have seen it. I mean the fat thing, the gay thing, they’ve been done. All-retarded versions will bring back the edge”.

Oh, and he’s really into K-Fed, and would like him to be in his next movie.

And he was ordained as a priest during the filming of Cry Baby, so he could marry Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. Though that didn’t happen, he used his new ecclesiastical status to baptise Traci Lords.

It was pretty much the best night of my life. Rebecca


They were tired of Bond Street and Bluewater, but the Beckhams' migration to greener pastures hasn't quite gone to plan. Launching their new life with a 'real-life' documentary that bombed and expecting to be greeted with open arms, the gruesome twosome have now been given the accolade of their very own American moniker.

The plastic imports' endearing new name is “a fag and his hag”. Strong words from a west coast community that worships at the shrine of Paris Hilton, metrosexuality and preened hardbodies. It begs us to ask, what went wrong?

It couldn't have been their unerring arrogant confidence that they’d take the witless Americans by storm with their quaint British charm? We're torn between a) laughing heartily at the joke, and b) hoping that America will repent and give them a belated warm welcome.

Not really. We're enjoying the Atlantic distance. Tsouni


New Manics b-sides:

Heyday Of The Blood
You Know It's Going To Hurt
Lady Lazarus


Thursday, 16 August 2007


The new Dazed cover looks even better than the one we invented in our heads when we heard Amy Winehouse was going to front US Vogue (AW went with Sienna instead – bore off etc).

[via Fashion Insanity]